Nasons Poultry Suppliers

Business Type Distributor
Product Types handled Poultry, Chicken, Turkey
Telephone 0158 2455922
Fax 0158 2455933
Address 3 Cosgrove Way, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU1 1XL
Country United Kingdom
Overview Welcome to Nasons Poultry Suppliers'[NPS] exciting new website. Our humble beginnings were at Nasons, 171 Dunstable Road, Luton. Nasons has been established since 1985 initiating with retailing of Anglo Asian and Afro-Caribbean & halal foods, halal poultry and meat together with seasoning, spices, lentils, rice, and flours, altogether a complete range for the consumer. NPS is a family run business supplying halal food products and poultry to its customers specialising as a halal chicken suppliers. The halal slaughtering and production activities are uninterruptedly supervised by various religious Islamic associations and monitoring committees, who also issue the certificates that, accompany the products attesting that they fully comply with the established Islamic Law’s precepts. NPS is a respected name in the halal poultry cutting plant industry and specialises in cutting halal chicken in a variety of different ways using various diverse techniques. NPS has been described as one of the best poultry cutting plants in the country and today it prides itself in providing its customers with the best hygienic halal chicken and peri peri chicken products that are incomparable in terms of quality and services provided. At NPS we believe in excellence and quality. Our group of highly experienced & competent staff pay attention to every aspect of the product and right from the beginning strive to provide good quality products.