About Us

We create simple but powerful software tools to help companies in the food industry and retail sectors be more efficient with their time and ultimately reduce costs in their business. Find out a little more about the team and what we stand for below.

Who we are

The business was founded by Roger McCracken who has over 10 years’ experience in the meat industry working with companies all over the UK and Europe on production and sales. The lead developer in the business is Gary Tyre who has built the system from the start. He has worked for several software development companies over the last eight years and has a lot of experience developing multiple tools on a freelance basis for companies in the food industry.

Our Vision

As a team we are 100% committed to the principle of simplicity. Our goal is to develop software tools for the Food Industry which are intuitive, accessible and easy to use which ultimately connects people, makes life easier for them and keeps their finger on the pulse of their business. The food industry can be complicated and by developing tools to streamline processes and continuously improve the day to day activities of food industry professionals, we believe we can make a difference to people’s lives and livelihoods.

Our Value

We are committed to improving not only the lives of our users but also the lives of people around the world. To this end Foods Connected will have a charity of choice every year that we will support with our profits. This allows the company to give back and to sustain itself long into the future.

Meet the Team

Roger McCracken
Managing Director

When I’m not in a factory somewhere I try to spend as much time as possible being active. I love getting out for a run, a swim or just doing something in the gym. Rugby is my favourite sport but more so as a spectator now than a player.

Gary Tyre
Lead Developer

When not seeing to all things Foods Connected can be found in a field, kicking a football, trying to hit a golf ball or at a music festival listening to loud repetitive music.

Kevin Tyre

Dog lover, frequently dragged around local parks by my overactive Springer. An expert gamer but novice runner can be found in front of his PC or slowly jogging down Derry's beautiful quay.

Richard Peoples
Business Development Executive

When not at work, you will normally find me spending quality time with my 15 month old son, walking my energetic dogs, or searching for my ball on the golf course.

Sean McLaughlin
Senior Developer

Gadget and video gaming enthusiast since the days of the Spectrum ZX. Can frequently be found binge watching Japanese anime or at the nearest coffee establishment.

Christopher Lamberton

A caveman in a technological world, forced to bash a keyboard until compilable code appears. Enjoys the outdoors, catching the odd film and the simple life in general.

John Morrison

Electronic music addict. If he's not looking at code he's usually toying with a synthesiser or out making the most of the weekend.

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