Foods Connected is born out of our passion for solving problems and maximising opportunities within the Food Industry. As a team we believe in improving efficiency and simplifying tasks wherever possible to make for a happier, more productive team. It’s what gets us up in the morning.


We collaborate with our customers to understand the changing problems and opportunities that the food industry faces and develop innovative ideas and simple solutions based off this to deliver real value in the industry.


We innovate & transform food supply chain processes through our one-stop shop software solution that gives our customers the control to ensure that they have the right supplier, the right product and the right quality at the best price possible. We deliver increased control & visibility for our customers in the simplest way possible.

The story so far...


After years of working in the food industry and experiencing the frustrations of logging and approving suppliers, ensuring consistency in quality and negotiating buy and sell pricing, Roger McCracken and Gary Tyre decided to create a simple approach to lessen the headache. Thus ‘Meat Connected’ is born.

The business secures support from Invest NI who see the potential in their business plan.


The Meat Connected Purchasing Manager & Specification Manager go live.

Meat Connected gets their first customer, OSI Food Solutions UK, for supply of market information to help their purchasing team.


Meat Connected add several new customers including Hilton Food Group with the system being rolled out across their 6 European factories for Supplier Management, Specification Management and Purchasing Management.


Meat Connected is awarded further funding from Invest NI for it’s innovative technology offering and commitment to improving employment in the North West of Northern Ireland.

Meat Connected extend their range of tools to now include a mobile supplier audit tool, supplier questionnaire tool, customer complaints tool and product quality check tool.


Meat Connected launch their Cost & Yield Model Tool to help companies manage product yields and costs when calculating what they are buying or selling.

Meat Connected changes it’s name to ‘Foods Connected’ to better reflect the wide variety of food industry brands utilising our innovative tools.


Foods Connected form a Joint Venture with the Hilton Food Group to help expand the system globally with Hilton’s retail partners.

Foods Connected opens a second office in Belfast to cater for their growing team of nearly 20 people looking after their different customers around the world.


Foods Connected is now live or actively being implemented into over 100 factories for some of the largest food manufacturers, retailers and food service providers around the world with over 5,000 suppliers accessing the system regularly to interact with their customers.

Foods Connected open it’s first international office in Sydney, Australia, to serve their customers there and manage growth of new business. A team of nearly 30 people working together to look after our growing community of customers.


Foods Connected are acknowledged at the 2019 Food & Business Awards as the "Supply Chain Company of the Year"

Foods Connected continues to expand with a new office refurbishment in Derry to accommodate our growing team of 40+ employees.

Mission + Vision.

As a team, we are 100% committed to the principle of simplicity. Our goal is to develop software tools for the food industry which are intuitive, accessible and easy to use, which connect people and make life easier for them. Working in the food industry can be complicated and by developing tools to streamline processes and continuously improve the day to day activities of food industry professionals, we believe we can make a difference to people’s lives and livelihoods, whilst also giving back in charity to both our local community in Northern Ireland as well as charitable food initiatives.

Our vision is to continuously improve and develop our software solutions with a maintained emphasis on customer satisfaction and user experience. We want to keep helping the food industry to simplify it’s processes. We will continue to work with our industry partners and customers to drive our product offering forward and ensure what you get is what you need. As we grow we will focus further on bringing our software to the global market so that even more food companies can benefit and enjoy the difference that Foods Connected has to offer.

Meet the Team.

Roger MCCracken

Managing Director

When not travelling between clients, spends as much time as possible being active. Loves getting out for a run, a swim or just doing something in the gym. Rugby is his favourite sport but more so as a spectator now than a player.

Gary Tyre

Director System Development

Eclectic music addict, whilst coding can be overheard listening to anything from folk to electronica. Enjoys the outdoors, but only if it involves kicking a football, or trying to hit a golf ball.

Kyle Anderson

Senior Project Lead &
Client Development Manager

When not responding to our customers every needs he can usually be found hiding in his garage trying and failing to fix something.

Duncan Spencer-Brown

Business Development Director

When not working with our customers on new opportunities, he enjoys reading, good food, wine and cooking on the barbeque.

Richard Peoples

Customer Support Manager

When not being a support guru and the company billiards champion, he is kept on his toes by his three young children. Occasional golfer (time permitting) and full time good guy!

Christopher Lamberton

Software Developer

IT graduate of the University of Life, aspiring junior developer looking to hone his skills in HTML programming with a penchant for thinking inside of the box, has adopted and strongly advocates the upcoming software development methodology known as "mañana, mañana".

Andrew McCracken

Business Director

When not working, he can usually be found eating or running along Belfast’s riverside. (He tells us he has to run because of the eating!) Lover of all things sport & music related. He does a little bit (or a lot) of everything at Foods Connected.

Sean McLaughlin

Senior Software Developer

Senior Developer, in terms of age at least, with over 15 years experience creating bespoke software solutions. An anime/manga amateur aficionado who is generally found being schooled on the latest trending games/gadgets by his children.

Ravi Sharma

Business Development Manager

Metal Detecting semi-pro, when not drawing up the next plan to improve the Foods Connected offering, he’ll be adding to his antique collection, strolling a strawberry field in search of the next ripe picking, engrossed in a good history book or exploring rural life on an island of Ireland.

Bethany McDowell

Project Executive

An enthusiastic bookworm, when she’s not working on customer projects, you’ll find her acting the tourist abroad sampling the local culture.

Natalie Thorpe

Graphic Design &
UI/UX Design Lead

A travelling nomad at heart and aspiring Ace Ventura, when not creating up new designs for company materials, you’ll find her travelling the world, enjoying a good rock concert or roaming a deserted beach in search of her disappearing dog.

James Stewart

Software Developer

When not working as System Developer for Foods Connected, he can be found watching a Liverpool match, cycling, travelling, reading a good fact book or enjoying an evening in front of the TV catching up on a good series.

Sharon Scott

Project Lead &
Client Development Manager

Self-professed purveyor of all chocolates, when not serving as project lead for commercial projects at Foods Connected, you’re likely to find her strolling the fine shopping streets of Belfast, or booking her next holiday getaway!

Grace Hurrell

Business Development &
Project Specialist

For Grace, life revolves around Family, Friends and Food. When she's not meeting with customers she loves to cook, relax and try new experiences.

Leah Sloan

Project Executive

When not managing client accounts, you'll find Leah enjoying a couple of sneaky gins, indulging her coffee addiction, driving along the north coast or booking a last minute impulsive getaway!

Brian Stevenson

Business Improvement Lead,
Project & System Specialist

Appreciates good coffee and the company of loved ones in his spare time. Enjoys learning new things (anything really) and travelling to new places. Has a soft spot for cars, and enjoys outdoor activities such as rock climbing and fishing.

Martin Tyre

Graphic Designer

When not working on one creative project or another, can usually be found out and about with an overactive Springer named Finn. Loves everything anime/manga and an odd bit of Football.

Chanelle Mallos

Project Manager

With a love for yoga, travel and new experiences. When she’s not attending to customers, you’re most likely to discover her exploring new places, trying out new restaurants or attempting to balance upside down at her local yoga studio.

Kevin Tyre

Software Developer

Dog lover, frequently dragged around local parks by his overactive Springer. An expert gamer but novice runner, can be found in front of his PC, enjoying the latest Sci-Fi release or jogging down Derry's beautiful quay.

Paul McGrellis

Software Developer & Quality Assurance

Former placement student turned Quality Assurance extraordinaire / Front-End connoisseur. When not on his daily bug finding missions you can find him at a rave desperately trying to hold onto his youth or planning his next European city break.

Jill McElrath

Project Lead &
Client Development Manager

An animal lover who frequently competes on the showjumping circuit across Ireland, when not travelling to meet our lovely clients, she can be found in the outdoors enjoying nature, or assisting vets on call.

Patrick Cregan

Software Developer

When not writing code, can usually be found watching a movie or TV show, or following several sports including football, motor racing and cycling.

Bronagh McKay

Commercial Project Lead

A keen fitness and travel enthusiast, when not managing client projects for Foods Connected, you’ll find her in the gym, studying for her fitness course or on the gin wagon at the weekends.

Shaun Downey

Software Developer

Software developer at Foods Connected, when not kicking a football round a pitch with his local club, can be found out walking his secret love Nala – the black Labrador with an appetite for plaster.

Peter McQuilkin

Software Developer

Whilst honing his programming skills to take over the world, Peter is trying to finish doom on nightmare mode. Weather permitting, he can be seen running away from his problems (and squirrels), in the park. This living, breathing, movie trivia database is also immune to spiciness.

Neil Struthers

Software Developer

A stranger in a pub once guessed his job and his entire set of interests just by looking at him. A lifelong programming hobbyist turned professional, avid reader, player of games, and occasional artist.

Barry Meehan

Software Developer

When not watching the latest football championship, you'll likely find Barry playing guitar, caught up in an intense video game, reading or living life loud at a music festival (provided he gets the chance!)

Gemma Devine

Technical and Quality Project Lead

A shopping enthusiast, when not travelling to meet customers and managing customer projects you’ll find her at a Gaelic match cheering on Tyrone or on a night on the town enjoying a few glasses of wine (or bottles).

Nicholas Gallus

Head of Sales & Partnerships
Australia & NZ

With a passion for innovation and over 15 years in retail, Nicholas found his calling at Foods Connected When not engaging with fresh produce growers, Nicholas can be found on the long training path to ascend Mt Everest.

Paul Armstrong

Commercial Director

The new boy and elder statesman of the team! (as has been gleefully pointed out to him now by a few of his new colleagues!) He has spent the last 30 odd years working in the Foyle Food Group. Roger was one of his proteges! His interests include , Family, Live music (not a bad drummer in his day and still do the odd gig!) , Golf (better than Gary Tyre, not as good as Ravi) and Modern Languages.

Jen Hanby

Quality & Technical Project Lead

When she's not working, Jen loves to travel and see new places, 40 countries visited and counting. She also does sports event volunteering, everything from small scale local charity 10k runs up to international events, last year she was out in Australia for the Commonwealth Games.

Hunter Cowan

Project Implementation Lead

A big fan of most things that are action packed and in the outdoors; from snowboarding in the winter to waterskiing in the summer. He thoroughly enjoys travelling; experiencing new cultures and cuisine (sampling local beer included).

Lauren Divin

Junior Software Developer

When writing code she'll be listening to music and eating anything at hand! Otherwise, she can be found catching up on the latest TV show, captivating in the life of Harry Potter, stepping into the Marvel Universe, or planning her next trip!

Our Values.

Our values are what drive our business forward and get us up and raring to go in the morning. Here at Foods Connected we believe in keeping things simple, so we have 3 simple values which as a team we stand by and which bring us together to keep on developing great solutions.


Mission Statement.

  • To enrich the lives of our colleagues through clear communication, engagement and purpose.
  • To improve and simplify our customers’ lives through the deployment of world class software, useful informative reporting and the best in class food industry consultation.
  • To give back a part of our talents, energy and money to create a sustainable business with an eye to the future.

World and Community wide.

Food businesses of all sizes globally trust us to help keep their finger on the pulse of their business. Over 5,000 suppliers are currently using Foods Connected to communicate with their customers around the world.