what can Foods Connected offer
food service providers?

Key food service providers worldwide are currently using Foods Connected because it is the best solution for them to be able to manage and simplify core areas of their business including:


Build schedules for all the quality checks that need to be completed in your production locations, depots and outlets. Create fully configurable checks on areas such as temperature control, hygiene, metal detection, glass & hard plastic, fabrication and overall GMP checks. Complete via mobile device with escalation and automated allocation of corrective action responses where required. Reporting ability to track trends over time.


Use a mobile device to complete audits on supplier factories or even farms with fully configurable audit types to be setup to your specific needs. Capture non-conformances, share the audit results with suppliers and receive corrective action within the system for review and closure.


Integrate your ERP system with Foods Connected for order generation and communication to suppliers so they can access in the portal or pull into their system and confirm their ability to fulfil the order. Upon dispatch of product they can confirm what has actually been shipped so that your team are instantly aware of any potential shortage issues which can be dealt with in advance.


Combine information on quality and price to create supplier rankings configured to your specific business needs. Share dashboards internally within your business so purchasing and technical teams are working from the same information. Provide each supplier with their own dashboard so they know where they rank and why to create a competitive and transparent environment for improvement.


Create a fully configurable template for risk assessment on suppliers which can pull information in from other parts of the system such as supplier self-assessment questionnaires, audits, product non-conformances, specifications and factory location, alongside information entered into the form to create colour coded risk ratings on all suppliers and products in the business.

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