You will find below an overview of the different tools that we have available to offer. All of the tools ultimately aim to save you and your business time and money. If you want any further details get in contact with the Foods Connected Team.

Supplier Approval

Supplier Manager

Manage your list of approved suppliers including information on approval document, contact details and setting up your own individual compliancy rules on activities they need to complete in the system.

Questionnaire Manager

Fully customisable data forms for suppliers to complete self-assessments with automated scoring and notifications of responses. Dashboard reporting allows analysis in a click of a button.

Risk Assessment Manager

Create fully customised risk assessment formats which can pull in information from different parts of the Foods Connected system, such as audit results, specification details and questionnaire responses.

Supplier Document Manager

Create templates for supply chain procedures & processes. Documents can be created in the template format or uploaded in Excel, Word or PDF formats. These documents can then be shared with suppliers.

Visit & Audit Schedule Tool

Organise your supplier audit and meeting dates and receive confirmation of this on the system. This also will provide recommended future audit dates.

Supplier Audit Manager

Capture supplier audits via a mobile device. Share centralised audits with other internal users and suppliers. Receive responses on non-conformances through the platform with reporting and dashboard functionality.

Supplier Check Manager

Fully customisable data forms to complete for different types of supplier checks, share with the supplier and receive direct response on issues.

Traceability Tool

Set up templates for specific product types, take product label images and share these with suppliers to complete information needed for traceability reviews.

Horizon Scanning

Receive alerts linked to ingredient specifications for potential issues. Linked to RASSF system for food alerts which allows you to set up notifications showing any products that have potential issues.

Quality Management

Specification Manager

Have a single, central storage solution for all product specification, including raw materials, ingredients, packaging and finished products keeping all internal & external partners aware of any changes through automatic updates.

Product Check Manager

Complete checks on products in your business such as raw material or finished products via your mobile device, report on issues, share with suppliers and receive corrective action responses.

Internal Check Manager

Take control of all the internal quality checks within your business with our paper-free mobile solution. Run reports and analyse what is happening in your factory in real-time.

Customer Complaint Manager

Record all rejections, claims and customer complaints at a click of a button either in the sales office or at product intake with our mobile app. Run reports and analyse your customers over time and provide them feedback on automated dashboards.

HACCP Manager

Create a standard template for your HACCP Plans to ensure all key pieces of information are captured and reviewed. Build flow diagrams and include in your plans automatically.

Internal Document Manager

Ensure the most recent copy of your internal documents are available immediately to those in your company. Keep track of updates to ensure full transparency. Link to internal checks so available on the mobile device.

Buy, Make, Sell

Sales Tool

Communicate to your regular and new customers the prices of products and volumes available in a professional and easy to use format. Integrate to internal systems for accuracy and time savings for financial management in internal ERP systems.

Purchasing Tool

Gather in prices and volume offers from your suppliers and use our in-built reporting and analysis to help you make evidence based decisions and finalise agreements. Link to internal ERP systems for financial control.

Market Data Tool

Input your own and suppliers’ current and future predicted data to compare against actual pricing. Datasets input by suppliers can be weighted and compared against one another. Use for prices, volumes or any data set and link to industry data in our system.

Cost & Yield Models

This advanced tool enables you to create pricing models to agree longer term agreements with key suppliers or customers considering all cost related processes and product yields.

Order Tool

Automatically generate and communicate orders to suppliers who can then respond to orders in the system and confirm their delivery capabilities. Link to your internal ERP system to streamline processes.

Forecasts Tool

Input your own and suppliers’ current and future predicted data to compare against actual pricing. Datasets input by suppliers can be weighted and compared against one another. Use for prices, volumes or any data set and link to industry data in our system.

Production Models

Create forward looking plans on your factory production including information on yield, overheads, sale prices and raw material costs to understand production profitability.

Information Services

Industry Statistics

Providing a wide range of industry data for subscribed users from sources such as the European Commission, Reuters Data, European Central Bank, retailer websites and soon the USDA and MLA.

Meeting Notes Manager

Capture meeting agendas, attendees and meeting note points in the platform and assign responsibility to users for follow up action with automated notification when points are completed.

Daily News

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